Rustic refresh with Wayfair

I recently had the opportunity to work with Wayfair to promote a really interesting campaign they are running which shares what styles we love in our regions. The results came as a bit of a surprise to me as they are really quite diverse across the country but then when I started thinking about some…

I recently had the opportunity to work with Wayfair to promote a really interesting campaign they are running which shares what styles we love in our regions. The results came as a bit of a surprise to me as they are really quite diverse across the country but then when I started thinking about some of the interior accounts I follow on Instagram I could see more of the pattern! You can see the infographic at the end of the post which shows the regional styles!

What do you think the most popular style was for Wales? I have already given it away in the title but it was rustic. In 2017, Welsh customers ordered 24% more rustic style homewares than the rest of the UK. And if some of my very good Welsh friends are anything to go by I would have to agree that us Welsh folks do love our wood and wicker!

Wayfair asked me refresh some of my spaces at home to show you my favourite rustic finds from their online store! What springs to mind when you think of the word rustic? I think of soft colours, natural materials and wood! There are many versions and takes on rustic whether you like country, bohemian, industrial or modern vibes and it’s how you interpret it which makes it unique to your home. It actually took me over two weeks to decide because there is so much choice. They have a huge range of products ranging across styles and I came across brands I had not even heard of.

I picked items that would add warmth, cosiness and texture to the spaces. Here is a picture of my bedroom refresh.

The first item I picked was a rug. I usually opt for a patterned rug but I wanted a really soft shaggy type rug and patterned ones are usually made from a much shorter/low pile which is easier to maintain but not as comfortable on bare feet 😉 The rug was from a newly discovered brand for me called Theko and is hand-woven in Greece and uses high quality sheep’s wool, it’s the cosiest rug I now own!

I adore this House Doctor chair which is made from rattan and metal. I love the combination of a hard and industrial material against the soft and warmth of the rattan. I paired it with a House Doctor cushion made from a blend of jute and cotton and I love the cross pattern.

There is an empty looking corner in the bedroom which I added this beautiful Nkuku stool too. This is my go to brand for modern rustic pieces. It’s actually a height adjustable bar stool but I have used it as a side table. I like having pieces of furniture at home which can have more than one use. This will definitely come in handy when we have lots of guests over and want to squeeze a few more seats around the dining table.


You may not have noticed but another big change in here is the lighting. We had plain grey spotlights here before which did not really make a statement they just blended in. I love lighting and have made a real effort in all of the other rooms in our house to invest in stand out pieces so replaced them with the Nkuku Tabosa spot lights which are made from brass and have an industrial rustic finish.

Lastly I couldn’t have gone without adding something candle related for ultimate hygge in the bedroom! I picked this Nkuku antique glass box which I filled with tea lights but could also pop flowers or succulents in!

What do you think of my bedroom refresh? I can’t believe with the addition of a few things and a swap round of the furniture how much lighter, cosier and spacious it feels.

I also refreshed my living room. I didn’t do anything too crazy in here because it’s such a small space. I picked two things, a coffee table and a lampshade. The coffee table has been a great addition because we have one on the other side of the large sofa but nothing on this side of the room and once the new corner sofa arrives it will live under the window. I know its wood and metal again but I can’t help always coming back to that design!

I read lots of Interior design blogs which talk about layering lighting. This involves layering ambient, accent and task lighting to create a balanced and interesting space which I have tried to achieve in the kitchen with a main light, task lights above the kitchen work surface, spot lights and a clamp on shelf light. In the living room, I have a main light and an exposed bulb light, this is perfect for the evenings when I don’t want the main light on but still need to do work but it’s a bit too bright if you want to watch a film so this lampshade is perfect! Again, I can’t resist mixing up textures and am drawn to pieces that do, this has a concrete base and a burlap drum shade.

Do you like the items I picked? And do you end up coming being drawn to similar looking items?!

And are you wondering by now, what style is most popular in your region?!

Wayfair have created this cool infographic to show the UK’s home style on a map, have a look and let me know what you think in the comments? Do you share the favourite style for your region? You can shop all the different styles here. You also have a chance to get in on some Wayfair action! They would love to know how you are styling your home?! If you want to take part and have the chance to win £1000 to spend online, tag pictures of your home on Instagram with @wayfairuk and use the hashtag #stylebyregion


If you would like to hop around the country and check out the other bloggers regional style who were involved in this campaign, the links are below:

“Scandi” Scotland with Life in Eight

“Masters Modern” North West with The B Household

“Glam” North East with Come down to the Woods

“Boho” Northern Ireland with Ciara Elliott

“Mid-century” London with Gold is a neutral 

“Country Cottage” with Getting stuff done in heels 

“Coastal” with Devon Girl 

Thank you for reading 🙂

Reena Simon

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  1. Adore the products you’ve chosen Reena, and your bedroom is looking AMAZING! ?The infographic is really interesting. I’m an outlier though, haha!

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