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New Puppy Guide: Everything You Need When Getting A New Puppy

If you follow my Instagram then you know that during lockdown we made a canine addition to our family – our perfect Cockapoo puppy named “Simba” by my little ladies. I wasn’t sure if this was the most appropriate name for a puppy but it’s stuck now!! He is an F2 which means he was bred from two Cockapoo parents. This results in a second generation Cockapoo that we have with Simba.

My daughter and our Cockapoo puppy Simba
My daughter and our Cockapoo puppy Simba
Why Did We Choose a Cockapoo Puppy?

We chose this breed because of their obedient temperament which makes them easy to train. They are a gentle breed which is obviously important with three children and they are hypoallergenic. This is great for our family as we all have sensitive noses in the Simon household! 

If you’re thinking about getting a puppy, it is a huge responsibility, and you do really need to be properly prepared. Puppy parenting can be overwhelming so I have put together a useful puppy guide for new owners, with everything you’ll need to welcome your new canine companion.

Adorable Baby Simba
Adorable Baby Simba
New Puppy Essentials
  1.  Chew Toys – Puppies will chew everything and anything they can get their paws on, which is why chew toys are so important! Chew toys allow your puppy to engage their natural chewing instinct without damaging your furniture, shoes or home. We bought these Nylabone chew toys from Amazon which have been designed to help puppies develop healthy chewing habits. We have also found Kong toys really good too, the rubber acts as a chew toy but your puppy has to figure out how to get to the food in the centre and this keeps Simba occupied for hours!
  2.  A Cage for Crate Training – this is a great way to not only help your dog learn house rules, but it also helps them feel safe and comfortable in their new home. My tip is to buy a crate that your puppy can grow into! When choosing a crate, buy based on how large your dog will be when fully grown.
  3.  Dog Bed – invest in a good dog bed for your new puppy. If you’re going to crate train your dog, make sure to choose a bed that will fit comfortably inside the crate.
  4.  Fleece Blankets and cushions – for the bed and inside the crate to make the puppy feel warm and safe.
Simba asleep on his bed
Simba asleep on his bed

5.  Dog Shampoo – this soothing and conditioning shampoo from @Nellie&Bellesocial is amazing and smells so lovely and there are no nasties in it for the dog or you! Their website is very useful and has products for your puppy from lots of small businesses with strong values.

The Dog and I - Soothing & Conditioning Shampoo- Oatmeal & Aloe Vera 200ml
Oatmeal and Aloe Vera Soothing and Conditioning Dog Shampoo

6.  Enrichment and Puzzle Toys – Lick mats and snuffle mats! Lick Mats are a type of enrichment toy for dogs.

These mats come in various shapes and sizes and the concept is designed for you to apply a dog friendly snack, like peanut butter and encourage your dog to lick it up. This has been really useful to distract Simba when we are putting the girls to bed. We even found some Peanut Butter for dogs!

Snuffle mats are another way to stimulate your pet’s foraging instincts, engaging mind and body, and encouraging their natural skills.

7.  Teddy Bear – Simba loves his teddy bear and he likes to snuggle up and sleep next to it, it’s almost like a comfort blanket and it looks just like him!

Simba sleeping next to his teddy bear
Simba sleeping next to his teddy bear

8.  Cleaning Products – this dog stain and odour remover has been a lifesaver so cleaning products are definitely something you need to have ready. I like this one as it’s safe to use around children.

As with many things in life, the reality of having a puppy is harder than I had imagined. We had lots of rules in places which have already been broken (like the dog not sleeping in our bedroom!) but it is important to try and have some solid boundaries. Simba is definitely not ever sleeping in the bed with us! 

It is a lot of hard work but Simba is bringing the family and I so much joy. He has changed our lives for the better with his most adorable and affectionate personality. I can’t imagine life without him now. 

My daughter with our Cockapoo puppy Simba
My Daughter with our Cockapoo puppy Simba


3 thoughts on “New Puppy Guide: Everything You Need When Getting A New Puppy”

  1. Simba looks adorable!
    We brought our mini cockapoo pup, Bowie, home on Saturday. Just wondered how Simba slept during the night initially- so far Bowie doesn’t sleep much at night and cries (we’re trying to use a crate) a lot!!

    1. Aww congratulations! Simba was the same and what worked for us after talking to a Puppy trainer was to take the crate upstairs and have it next to our bed and if he started crying my husband would just pop his hand in and stroke him then after a few weeks we took the crate back downstairs! They are just like babies 😉 Then he was in his crate downstairs for a few weeks until we went away for a few days, I left him here with my sister but he didn’t settle so was back upstairs then when we got home he wouldn’t even go back in his crate! So now he sleeps on the floor next to our bed. But we don’t mind and will transition him back to downstairs in time. Good luck! x

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