My La Redoute Spring Hygge for Home Edit

I love shopping on the high street for my home as well as buying second-hand and vintage things. The reason I like shopping on the high street is because it’s affordable and also accessible. When I say accessible I mean, I can sit at home in my pyjamas when the little ladies are in bed and shop for things online, order them and post them back really easily.

I have lots of favourite high street shops such as H&M Home, Marks and Spencer and Ikea but one of my absolute favourites has to be La Redoute. Everything I have bought to date from there has been stylish, good quality and such a good price because I only shop from there when they have 40% off! I don’t buy just homewares I also buy the little ladies clothes. I do big hauls and I always treat myself to a pair of trainers! Do you guys buy from La Redoute?

I have rounded up a few of my favourite things that I want to buy or have bought. There are only a couple of days left with 40% off and free delivery!

I am starting off with my favourite item which I have in my living room the Maden Side Table

It has a concrete top and really sturdy wooden legs. I love it! It’s usually £168 but it’s currently £100.80

I love La Redoute rugs and although I don’t own this one I have seen it in real life several times at friends houses and can vouch for the softness and quality! The Afaw style Berber rug ranges in price from £99 to £269 depending on the size you want. If you go for the medium it would cost £113.40 which is not a bad price at all. They have a runner version now too which I would like for the landing if we go ahead and get our carpet taken up…I am still negotiating this with the husband.

I have a thing for tribal inspired rugs! I have been on the hunt for ages and have fallen in love with a few at Baileys Home but I really love this new one they have in and am very tempted to buy it! What do you think I should do?! But be quick please as I only have two days left to decide!! This is the Alvaro Wool Rug, it is on the expensive side at £429 but with discount £257.20..eekk…still a lot of money.

Aside from rugs, I think I need to add some spring Hygge into my home with a lightweight throw. I absolutely love these Orosco two tone linen ones! They are £41.40 with the discount. I am leaning towards the pink..what colour would you go for?!

I also love these monochrome throws with a bohemian feel. I think they would look especially great in my garden this summer!

The one above is the Parfeto Cotton Bedspread and would be £52.20 with the discount and the one below is the Puyrigar Throw and is £23.40, such a bargain!

I have seen quite a few people on Instagram who have this cushion and it’s really lovely. I would like it but I have bought something for the little ladies instead which is my last link at the end of the post! The Antalya cushion is £18.60 with discount….just writing that down now makes me wish I had bought it!!!

I have also noticed some vintage style mirrors with an aged effect and foxglove like my bathroom mirror!

The one above is called Yawara Hexagonal Mirror and is £45.60 with the 40% off.

And the one above is called the Lenaig Stainless Steel Mirror and is more expensive even with discount at £149.40 but I imagine it would be sturdy and fairly heavy.

Lastly, I have in fact given up buying the pink Vans I wanted too. And instead I have ordered this pair of Elori trunks that I have wanted for ages for the little ladies bedroom to go above their wardrobe!

Hope you liked my edit and if you want to have a look at what else I love from La Redoute, head over to the Shop my Style page. I have also started a “Fashion” page which has links to my recent wedding outfit purchases. Although this blog post was not sponsored it does contain affiliate links so I will get a small commission on any purchases made.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to read it, I really do appreciate it.

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  1. Great post! Reading it was dangerous though – so many great items! 😍 thanks for sharing Reena! x

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