Domestic Goddess in the making with my new Dyson

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am not a fan of doing house chores and my husband does more than me. However, one thing I have to manage day to day is cleaning up after the little ladies. It’s hard work keeping on top of all of the dirt which accumulates post meal times and snack times, they are so young still at ages 6, 3 and 2 so we do have a messy household. I am forever finding cheerios in random places! Plus, all of the arts and crafts, activities and playing that they do all adds to the constant dirt and mess that builds up throughout the day. We have a really busy household that I am sure any family out there can relate too. This means that I am drawn to anything that makes my life easier. I was recently sent the brand-new Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute to review. I have never owned a Dyson before and we have only ever had hand me down vacuums. I was skeptical at first as wasn’t sure whether to believe that a cordless vacuum could be as powerful as a plug in one but I have been very impressed and the below outlines why.  

The first thing I noticed is how light it was and easy to put together, all the pieces just slot together. At just 5ft 1” I was worried about the length of it when your using it in an upright mode and if it would be awkward but it was fine, it is fairly heavy because you have a large bulk of the weight to hold and the push button is very sensitive so I would keep pressing it accidentally but have got used to that now.

I could not believe how much dirt the vacuum picked up from just the rugs in our living area, I was a little shocked as the rug and floors really did not look that dirty! I think the suction on this vacuum is really powerful too so you don’t have to work at it like you do with some vacuums. I used the large motorized attachment to vacuum the downstairs on both the hard floor and the rugs. I used it on the lowest setting for the hardwood floors and the second setting for the rug, this was with the aim of conserving the battery life.

I then moved to the stairs and landing which is the only carpeted area in our home and again used the second setting but if I needed to give it a good clean I would consider charging it fully and using the max power. I then moved onto the bedrooms which are wooden floors so again the lowest power setting was more than sufficient. That all took me less than 40 minutes and the battery did not run out. I also tested it another time using the maximum power and it did not last very long in comparison so it’s important to remember that when doing a whole house clean.

I was able to clean all of the downstairs before needing to change the bin. The bin has been made bigger on this than their previous cordless vacuums. I thought it was great as I did not have to keep going back and forth to the bin making the whole process much quicker again making life easier! The bin has proven a little bit tricky to open, you have to pull the red lever down with a little force but I think it will probably get easier in time as it loosens.

The other thing I noticed was that it runs a lot quieter than I was expecting…I could hear the little ladies shouting at me more clearly than when I am using my usual vacuum. I am not sure that’s a good thing… 😉

For the day to day mess that accumulates around the kitchen table, I used the smaller head which is great to vacuum away crumbs and mess after their activities and its very comfortable to use in the hand-held mode. The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute also comes with lots of different heads and attachments which you can see below and find out more at Dyson.

Other positives are the indicators which show you when the filter needs to be cleaned, I think this is really beneficial to be able to keep the vacuum in the best condition and if I am not alerted to things like that, I know it would never get done!

Lastly, it’s really compact and as always with Dyson very stylishly designed so I think this vacuum suits small homes like mine especially as it does not take up much room and also comes with an attachment for it to be wall mounted.

Overall, I would recommend this vacuum if like me you are sparse on time and do your vacuuming day to day here and there as it is just so easy to grab and get on with. I think the suction power is impressive and it really does result in a deep clean.

To find out more about the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute, please visit the Dyson website.  


This post is in collaboration with Dyson.

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