Summer Holiday Fashion Edit

Summer Holiday Fashion Edit

I have been lucky enough to enjoy some amazing staycations in Wales and England this year but I am so excited that we are finally going abroad!

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I have been lucky enough to enjoy some amazing staycations in Wales and England this year but I am so excited that we are finally going abroad! We have booked flights and will be going on a plane for the first time since November 2019! How mad is that? As well as feeling the sun on my skin and spending time with the family, the other thing I look forward to on holiday is summer holiday fashion.

As it’s been so long since being abroad I have treated myself to a load of new summer holiday clothes and wanted to share my top picks in a summer holiday fashion edit with you. 

Relaxed and Comfortable Plane Outfit

Before I even start the holiday I like to plan my outfit for the plane. I want to be comfortable and I often get cold during the flights so I like to have a jumper on. I love these slim joggers and slouchy jumper from Hush.

Plane Holiday Outfit
Hush UK image of slim joggers
Cool and Casual Day Outfit

There’s nothing worse than getting overheated on holiday. You want to look good and feel good in the sun, which is why I love this relaxed day outfit of two pieces by &Other Stories

The frilled shorts are linen so will keep you cool and have an elasticated waist so are also super comfortable. The A-line cotton ruffle top is really cute with a relaxed fit for the summer heat.

Summer holiday fashion Day outfit
&Other Stories image of linen shorts and ruffle top
Flattering and Stylish Summer Swimsuits

I’d love to wear a bikini but that’s just not me. I’m so happy that there are lots of stylish but flattering swimsuits out there now. I bought these two and I know I am going to feel so confident on the beach wearing them. 

This black padded cup swimsuit from H&M is fully lined and has adjustable straps to keep you secure. The frill neckline makes it so pretty and more interesting than your standard black swimsuit. 

H&M image of black padded cup swimsuit
H&M image of black padded cup swimsuit

I love the bows on this light blue textured swimsuit from &Other Stories and am really excited to wear this one too as the colour is very flattering. 

bow tie swimsuit
&Other Stories image of textured bow tie swimsuit
Simple and Sophisticated Evening Outfit

I want to look glam when we go out for dinner in the evening on holiday but with three little ladies that doesn’t always leave me with much time to get ready! That’s why I have picked out these classic pieces that look sophisticated but are easy to throw on in a rush. 

This Anoki knitted vest is light and breathable for those summer nights and has an on trend square neck.

holiday evening outfit
Hush UK image of knitted vest

It pairs really well with these wide leg linen trousers also from Hush UK. They are a perfect summer wardrobe staple. 

summer holiday fashion evening outfit
Hush UK image of wide leg linen trousers
Versatile Dresses for Summer Days and Nights

If you don’t want to think too hard about outfits then dresses are the way to go! I have chosen a few here from Hush UK that are pretty and versatile for day and night on your holiday.

Square Neck Midi Dress

summer holiday fashion
Hush UK image of square neck midi dress

Rosato Striped Cotton Dress

summer holiday fashion
Hush UK image of Striped Cotton Dress

Luise Maxi Dress

summer holiday fashion
Hush UK Image of Luise Maxi Dress

Kelsey Embroidered Dress

summer holiday fashion
Hush UK image of Kelsey Embroidered Dress
Summer Holiday Accessories

This jute bag is a summer holiday essential as it’s large enough to take to the beach in the day, but not too bulky for the evenings. It can be worn on the shoulder or across the body. I also love its description which is ‘bringing a bohemian sensibility to your summer wardrobe’ – I think that suits me perfectly! 

jute bag summer holiday fashion
Hush UK image of Jute Bag

I have saved the best until last with the shoes! These Trekky Natural Rafia sandals are a real treat but they are an investment buy that I will wear time and time again and not just on holiday. I like to justify these purchases on cost per wear which makes it so much more palatable. These sandals are handcrafted and the upper is made from recycled plastic bottles which also justifies the price tag. 

holiday fashion sandals
Oxygen Boutique image of Trekky Rafia Sandals

I hope you can find a few pieces you like here in my Summer Holiday Fashion Edit. Even if you aren’t going abroad, they are all quite classic pieces that could be worn next year too, given that the British weather has not been too kind to us this year!

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