Q&A: Why We Chose Vario by VELUX Roof Lights in our Bungalow Renovation

When taking on this renovation project my vision was to build a family home that was immersed in nature and had a considered and meaningful interior. I fell in love with the plot of the land that the bungalow was nestled in rather than the property itself. I saw the potential in this plot from…


When taking on this renovation project my vision was to build a family home that was immersed in nature and had a considered and meaningful interior. I fell in love with the plot of the land that the bungalow was nestled in rather than the property itself. I saw the potential in this plot from the start and how it was beautifully positioned, surrounded by trees.

Vario by VELUX Roof Lights
The build in progress with a Vario By VELUX Rooflight
Connecting the Home with the Outside World Through Roof Light Design

One of the ways in which I achieved my goal to maintain a connection with the outside, was by installing lots of windows, and in particular Vario by VELUX roof lights. I talk about this in more depth in a podcast hosted by Charlie Luxton called Home, Improved.

The theme of the podcast was ‘How to renovate your home Hygge style’. I talk about how the roof light design for my family home was so important and made me think about my daily routine and wellbeing. 

I thought about waking up in my room, morning showers and going to help my daughters get ready for school. These are all such small things in the day, but in all these parts of the house, I chose to install roof lights. This means that as soon as I wake up I see the sky and trees. The natural light floods in when I brush my teeth. The girls can see the trees and weather outside as they get ready for the day. It elevates my mood for the day and makes me feel more energised and productive. 

The flight flooding into our bathroom through Vario by VELUX rooflight
Vario by VELUX products used in my Home Renovation

We opted to have 10 roof lights in total in the bungalow, 6 were bespoke from Vario by Velux and 4 were from VELUX. The Vario by  VELUX products we chose are:

  • 2x Rectangular Rooflights in the main family bathroom and en-suite 
  • The Long Slim Rooflight in the open plan area 
  • The Unlimited Rooflight in the girls snug (play) area 
Vario by VELUX roof light options

Knowing where to start with roof lights is daunting and as you can see there is a lot of choice. Here I am sharing some common questions I get asked about my Vario by VELUX windows. I hope these are useful if you are thinking about installing these amazing roof lights in your own home. 

Variety of different VELUX roof lights
Q: Why is it so important to consider roof light design when designing a new home?

We spend more time at home than anywhere else, especially over the past year and a half and now as we retreat indoors for the winter. I wanted to maximise the natural light and the perfect opportunity to do this was to design in as much glass as possible. I have always been drawn to roof lights having them in nearly every home I have lived in as an adult. We had the opportunity here to do something which wasn’t off the shelf and I had seen a Press event on Instagram which was the launch of Vario by VELUX who offer bespoke sized roof lights, so the journey began.

Q: Why did you decide to use Vario by VELUX?

We used the Vario by VELUX website as they have a really straightforward online ‘Build Your Own’ configurator. I also made use of their customer service and you can now book a free consultation with a ‘Daylight Design Expert’. From having the consultation it allowed us to know what we needed and relay this information onto our builders and electricians. From this, the builders installed the roof lights for us and it was a straightforward process. Then the electrician installed the remote controls which we decided to mount on the walls. 

As of this year, Vario by VELUX have also introduced a roof repair and renovation service, which will help you take care of your entire roof.

Q: What have you noticed since the Vario by VELUX has been installed?

When the roof lights open, it lets in so much air but also connects us further with the outdoors. We can see trees out of all of our windows and even our roof lights. We have 6 roof lights and each one provides a different experience and view. We’ve been able to experience the natural light and how it travels through our house throughout the day. From waking up in the morning to heading to the bathroom and as I move through the house, it is flooded with natural daylight.,

The roof lights are Vario by VELUX active so they have a remote control for opening and closing and rain sensors which is great for our UK weather and means I can safely keep them open as  much as possible and do not need to worry about downpours that come out of the blue. 

Q: Is there a way to keep the Vario by VELUX clean? If so, how often would you have to do this?  

The roof lights are installed at a minimum of a 5 degree pitch to avoid water pooling and dirt collecting on them, but you would still need to manually clean them perhaps once or twice a year, we have been here for a year and have done this once recently. 

Vario by VELUX are also in the middle of developing internal blinds which should be available by the end of the year. There is more information about this on VELUX website: VELUX ACTIVE for your Vario by VELUX rooflight

Q: Why did you choose Vario by VELUX over VELUX itself? 

The Vario by VELUX bespoke roof lights is the latest range from the VELUX Group, so essentially, the same certifications, quality, and brand but the biggest difference being the shapes available and the bespoke sizing which really suited our needs. I believe they have a more architectural feel and higher impact for design led interiors. 

Q: What is your Top Tip you would give to consider when thinking about roof light design?

I would make sure all of your roof lights have the function of opening. I think for year round ventilation and the connection to the outdoors there is nothing better than an open window. Think about what you are building for the people living in it and how you can maximise natural daylight by considering the design of your ceilings. 

The ‘Vario by VELUX’ roof lights allowed us to achieve our goals with this house by connecting us with nature. It gave us flexibility for bespoke requirements, a friendly customer services team and a finish that fits in with Scandinavian design. 

You can listen to the podcast by VELUX here

To book a consultation, click here:  www.vario.velux/book/consultation



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