How Lighting Hardware Finishes Add to Your Home Interior Design

Lighting hardware finishes can be the icing on the cake of your home interior design scheme. By this I mean things like light switches, dimmers and plug sockets.

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Lighting hardware finishes can be the icing on the cake of your home interior design scheme. By this I mean things like light switches, dimmers and plug sockets. When thinking about a large home renovation project, these things may seem small and insignificant, but actually these details contribute to the overall aesthetics of your interior design. 

It is also a much more involved process than you might first think. In my previous lighting blog I talked about the benefits of using a lighting designer and how considering the layout and functionality of your home is key. Here, I want to highlight the importance of good fixtures and fittings, and how these details support the interior design and atmosphere of your home.

The key point to remember is don’t let lighting design and the hardware finishes be an afterthought. The decisions you make about lighting hardware finishes will have an impact on how you enjoy your environment, so taking note of them at the start is worth the time and effort. Getting it right means that when daylight starts to fade you’ll have a home that’s comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional to use. 

It’s All in the Details

In our bungalow renovation we decided to go with Corston Architectural Detail for the lighting hardware. They are made up of a creative team of designers and engineers with a shared vision; to make beautifully crafted architectural details that elevate your home. This is exactly what I wanted for my new home as I believe the small touches are as important as the big features. 

Below is a picture of my transformed open kitchen design. On the left hand side you can see the Corston lighting fixture we chose for the kitchen. The switch beautifully complements the room in terms of colour, texture and material used. The use of different material finishes and textures is a fundamental of scandi design as it creates visual interest. 

It’s a small detail in the overall design but it is contributing so much to the room. The rich bronze colour of the switch stands out from the neutral walls, but it also blends in with the overall theme and other textures in the kitchen. 

My renovated scandi rustic kitchen complete with Corston bronze light switch
Corston 1G Two Way Toggle Switch – Bronze

This is a close up of the 1G Toggle Two Way Bronze Light Switch. These toggle switches not only add character but also produce a really satisfying click. Finished in Corston Bronze, a rich, darkened tone, this single light switch will subtly patina in time, developing a beautiful, unique character. I love how this switch has a really luxurious toggle and the design is timeless and durable. 

Go for dimmers! 

Using dimmers on separate switches allows each light to be independently operated. This makes creating different moods easier. The more light sources you have (that are controlled separately via individual switches or smart lighting systems), the more your room can adapt to a variety of needs and create different atmospheres. 

We wanted to have dimmers on our staircase so we can control different aspects of the lighting independently and operate the lighting from both downstairs and upstairs. It was important for us to be able to control the mood of the lighting between the ground and upper floors with the dimmer capability. Below is Simba posing on our staircase in the bungalow. You can see the Corston Lighting dimmers for the staircase area above him.

Simba on the staircase

Below is a close up image of the exact dimmer switches we have.

Corston 3G Two Way Dimmer Switch – Bronze

The Three Gang dimmer light switch in bronze offers understated elegance and precision lighting control at the touch, and twist, of a button. Equipped with the very latest technology, the smooth-action controls effortlessly take care of three lighting circuits, all fully dimmable to allow multiple lighting scenes.

All our lighting details in the bungalow are some combination of dimmer and switch on and off or/and plug sockets. There are so many different fixtures that Corston Architectural Detail offers, not just lighting. There is also a range of furniture hardware, accessories and handles, so you can add those finishing details to any room of the house. 

Range of Corston hardware finishing details
Bespoke Solutions for Lighting Hardware Finishes

Corston Lighting offers bespoke lighting fixtures so you can now build your own switches and sockets. To create your own, visit their custom page

When I began my renovation the hardware which included USB outlets for phones was not available but I will be updating soon which is straightforward to do. The hardware I would like to add is the below 2G Dimmer + USB A+C Fast Charge + Single Socket – Bronze

Corston 2G Dimmer + USB A+C Fast Charge + Single Socket – Bronze Black

It would be fabulous for the whole family to have them in key places like next to the bed, near the sofa and on the kitchen island. Another option shown below is the double socket with USB-C fast charge.

Corston Double Socket with USB-C Fast Charge – Bronze Black

It just shows how important it is to think about these details early on when planning your interior design scheme, as even now there are things I would change and I did plan ahead! If you want to know more about our lighting design and lighting hardware, or have questions about what we chose, please drop me a comment below. 

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