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“We bought the house for the plot.  Our outdoor space is surrounded by trees, a stream at the end of the garden and the landscaping will turn it into the idyllic garden we have always wanted”  A year on from purchasing our bungalow renovation and we are finally onto landscaping the garden. The timing couldn’t…

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“We bought the house for the plot.  Our outdoor space is surrounded by trees, a stream at the end of the garden and the landscaping will turn it into the idyllic garden we have always wanted” 

Outdoor sofa with cushions and coffee table in garden living area
Image of Cox & Cox sofa in our previous home

A year on from purchasing our bungalow renovation and we are finally onto landscaping the garden. The timing couldn’t be better with summer here and lockdown relaxing. We are all going to be spending a lot more time outdoors in our gardens. For me, designing my garden has always been about indoors outdoors living. 

The garden was what really attracted me to the bungalow and is a big part of my dream home. I also love summer garden parties and barbecues so creating a beautiful outdoor space is one of my top priorities with the renovation. My home design centres around having that cosy factor, which is why connecting the indoors to the outdoors is so important. I want to be able to have a dreamy outdoor space where I can look into the house (handy to keep watch on the three little ladies) whilst still enjoying the garden. 

Here are some garden products and accessories that I have my eye on and I think will help you to make a cosy, hygge feel in your outdoor space this summer and create indoors outdoors living.

My Favourite Garden Products and Accessories For Indoors Outdoors Living Summer 2021
  1. Cox & Cox Sofa Set – I worked in partnership with Cox & Cox last year and I chose the beautiful sofa set you can see in the image above. Unfortunately the exact style I have is now sold out but they have a great selection of sofa sets that will look great in your outdoor space. One of my current favourites is this mid-century Scandinavian Turin Lounge Set – it’s elegant and gives a statement style to the seating.
Outdoor Furniture set
Cox & Cox image of Turin Lounge Set

2. Apolima Rattan effect Egg Chair – If you have a smaller space then this rattan effect chair from B&Q is the perfect addition to make your garden a cosy sanctuary. Imagine snuggling up on this with a blanket and a good book!

Ratten effect Egg Chair
B&Q image of Rattan Effect Egg Chair

3. Cox and Cox Marble Candle Holders for Tea Lights – No “hygge” cosy garden would be complete without candlelight. These marble candle holders for tea lights will add some texture and a warm glow from the gold inner. They come as a set of three in a soft, earthy colour palette.

Earthy tone candle holders
Cox & Cox image of Tealight Holders

4. The third and last Cox & Cox product (I promise) are these gorgeous extendable drop festoon lights. They give the ultimate cosy factor. In our old house we had solar powered ones which were fine but we found they didn’t spring to life until much later on in the evening. To create a bigger impact and relaxing mood much earlier on in the day it’s better to opt for plug-ins like these.

By day they are great as they add to the overall relaxed look and feel of your garden. These festoon lights will create the most magical atmosphere in your outdoor space. On a practical note, the lights are extendable so you can add a number of kits to get to the length you need to dress your space.

Extendable drop festoon lights
Cox & Cox image of extendable drop Festoon Lights

5. Concrete Planter French Connection – this concrete planter will make a real statement in your outdoor space and I love how it looks with green foliage. The concrete is perfect for the industrial style but also durable to withstand our unpredictable summer weather!

Concrete planter pot
French Connection image of Concrete Planter

6. Outdoor Rugs – A great way to achieve indoors outdoors living is to add rugs to your garden. I have chosen two below that are natural looking and will add texture to your outdoor space. The one on the left is an outdoor jute rug by La Redoute. The one on the right is a hole-pattenered rug from H&M

7. Woven Garden Table and Accessories – I love this woven coffee table from La Redoute, it will really add to the hygge feel of your garden and then you can add accessories to complete the look.

Woven coffee table
La Redoute image of Woven Coffee Table

I have chosen a few of my favourite accessories for the coffee table. A great way to accessorise your outdoor coffee table is to use a mixture of glassware and stoneware. I love the Milford Carafe and Tumblers from The White Company, Stoneware set by H&M and Stone Vases by Zara.

8. Traditional Danish Morso Firepit – Cozying up over a fire pit is the quintessential hygge thing to do. Our British summers can be unpredictable but creating an atmosphere that is warm and inviting is important to achieving that indoors outdoors feeling.

This fire pit is from Danish brand Morso, it’s simple and functional in design but also is a beautiful decoration on the patio all year round.

Danish fire pit
Morso image of fire pit

9. Cushions and Blankets – Cushions and blankets are as important outdoors as they are indoors! Just remember to bring them back inside at the end of the evening. I love the selection of cushions and blankets available at the moment. There are cushions with tassels, fringing and different textures in lovely muted tones which will add cosy, hygge vibes to your garden furniture. 

I have chosen my favourite cushion and blanket picks below:

Tasselled cushion cover – Natural white – Home All | H&M GB

H&M image of Tasselled cushion cover

H&M Cushion Cover with Tassels

H&M image of cushion cover with tassels

H&M Rectangular Cushion with Tassels

H&M image of rectangular cushion cover

H&M Linen Blend Blanket

H&M image of linen blend blanket

John Lewis Sheepskin Rug

John Lewis image of Sheepskin rug

10. Pouffes – I love pouffes as they are so versatile. You can use them as an additional coffee table, extra seating or as a footrest! Here are a couple that I think look fab and will really bring the indoors, outdoors.

The White Company Helford Rectangular Pouffe

The White Company image of Helford Rectangular Pouffe

French Connection Poppy Field Pouffe

French Connection image of Poppy Field Pouffe

11. The White Company Skye Lanterns – More candles but this time something for holding bigger pillar candles. These contemporary lanterns will look amazing and enable you to enjoy romantic and cosy candle lit evenings outdoors. The lanterns are made in India and hand-soldered, the frame is finished with a black antique metal coating, tall glass panels and a mirrored base to reflect the twinkle of candlelight.

The White Company image of pillar candle lanterns

I also think these ribbed domed candle holders from The White Company are lovely and would work well as a garden table centerpiece. 

The White Company image of ribbed dome candle holders

12.  HD Deck ProNot so much an accessory but something that is worth considering for your outdoor areas. The composite decking board features a traditional wood grain that will add quality and style to any outdoor living space. This is a fantastic feature to introduce to your outdoor living area. What’s great about this is that it’s low maintenance and long life. The decking has a protective capped layer that offers increased protection against fading and will not decay, warp, bend or splinter which is great with a household of three little ladies and a young puppy. We opted for the Champagne decking shade which is beautiful and complimented the inside decking wonderfully and harmonised our indoor and outdoor space.  

Composite Prime Decking image of HD Deck Pro

We have big plans for the landscaping in our garden from pathways to hot tubs. I will be sharing more details about our specific garden renovations and moodboards in a future blog.  I hope you love these garden products as much as I do and find them useful to achieve indoors outdoors living! If you want to know more about my previous garden makeover in our old house you can read my blog about that here

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