Creating with Corian Moodboard Maker

***This blog post is a paid advertorial with Corian Design***

I am going to start this post with a massive assumption that because we all love interiors we also all love mood-boarding?! šŸ˜‰ I enjoy creating moodboards for all kinds of things from interiors for my home to fashion and activities to do with my little ladies. I am sure there are lots of you who carry out design work too and use mood boards in your day to day work for clients.

I was asked by CorianĀ® Design to take a look at their brand new moodboard maker and try it out. Firstly let’s discuss who CorianĀ® Design is in case you have not come across them before.

Who is Corian Design?

CorianĀ® Design is a design brand that uses a blend of minerals and acrylic which creates a stone-hard surface that can be shaped into any design or size. Corian also comes in over 100 different colours and patterns so you can be as bold as you want to and to help you visualize what they have to offer, they have created a really great moodboard tool.

CorianĀ® Design Moodboard Maker

I find mood boarding really useful and also therapeutic when I am designing spaces at home. For me any room goes beyond just its functional use and practicality and the design is equally important. I love combining different materials and textures to create hygge (cosy) spaces which reflect things that I love and are unique to me. The Moodboard Maker allows you to create a unique inspiration board for a room that encompasses all of these things. The end result is a unique and personalised piece of art which you can download, print and frame.

I wanted to focus on my kitchen so used this as the room to create my inspiration board. As you all know, I have been debating concrete/grey coloured worktops for quite a few months now. I love the warmth of wood but trying to keep it maintained with my three little ladies has been a difficult task.

The Moodboard Maker was really easy to use and took just a few simple steps. I have outlined how I created my moodboard below. Firstly, I had to choose the style that best represented me, can you guess which one I chose from these?

I am sure you knew straight away, I went for organic but I also would have happily picked “bohemain.” What style would you choose?

Each style is associated with a unique mosaic shape and has different options you can choose from when you choose to “customise” it. The first thing you select is the Corian swatch you want to use. I chose “concrete,” but there were lots of other options and colours.

I then had 5 spaces left to fill. You have two options here, the first is to use Corian preloaded images which you can scroll through and there are a variety of textures and patterns related to the style you would have picked at the start to choose from which for me was “organic.” I had the choice of preloaded images from driftwood, floral patterns and many more.

However, I wanted my moodboard to be really personal and unique to me, so I turned to my kitchen for inspiration. I gathered different textures, patterns and materials. This is what I collected and I took close up photographs of each element I wanted to include and uploaded them individually to the mood board.


I love these handmade ceramic botanical tiles, they have gold leaf applied to them too which gives the tile another dimension.

I added wood next which features a lot in my kitchen. I love wood that is worn, scuffed, marked and tells a story.

I wanted to add something which would complement the wood and also give the concrete style Corian I had picked a softer element. I have lots of rattan throughout the house not just in my kitchen so this worked well and definitely represents the “bohemian,” part of me!

To complete the moodboard I added some colour and more texture in the from of my grey sheepskin rug and copper. I love mixing metals and for me warm tones such as gold, rose gold and copper are inviting and add a bit of luxury to the room so had to have a place on my board.

I am really pleased with the final result and am looking forward to printing it out and framing it. You also have the option of sharing it directly from the app to your social media channels. What do you think? I am also now convinced that concrete effect Corian worktops would in fact look great in my kitchen!

I would love to hear from you and see your designs if you have a go. Visit:Ā https://www.corianmoodboardmaker.com/

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