Creating a cosy Hygge home for Christmas

As you all know by now, we have recently moved into a rental property whilst we renovate our family home. I am trying my best to make this Christmas feel as settled and relaxed as our seven previous ones in the beautiful home we have left behind. The property we are renting is also beautiful so my job in making it as homely as possible has been made easier.

The one thing not just at Christmas but all year round that we have avoided over the past few years has been plug-in diffusers for fear of the little ladies getting their hands on them and I have really missed having a gorgeous smelling home that also takes me to a far away place. The power of smell in conjuring up memories and making you feel relaxed and cosy is so important so when Aera asked me to try out their SMART diffuser and new limited edition Hygge Holiday Collection fragrances I was delighted to.

The first thing that struck me was the design and the packaging. It is a very stylish looking product and I really like the metallic colour on the top part. I love that I could style this in whichever room I wanted in the house because the design is so simple and modern and is far nicer than any of the usual high street diffusers I have come across before.

One of our aims for the build of our new home is to make it a SMART home so it’s been great to try this out. And the husband has been more excited about this than me and never in a million years did I think I would get him interested in a diffuser! You control the diffuser via an APP on your phone which was easy to install and get started, a two minute job. Once you have it set up, you set what level of intensity you would like the fragrance to be for each day of the week. You can also schedule what times you want the diffuser on and off, especially useful if you are in and out a lot or go to work and can control this anytime from anywhere. It means that you don’t have to remember to turn it on and off and also means you can come home or wake up to a lovely scented home.

The most exciting part for me once the husband was done playing around with it was picking the fragrance! The aim of the Hygge Holiday Collection is to create an atmosphere through the scents which sets the mood for Christmas making your home cosy and inviting. The collection features three fragrances, Winter Light, Woven Hearts and Kith & Kin. I didn’t read about each one beforehand as I wanted to pick the one I was drawn too. My favourite ended up being Winter Light as it reminded me of being outdoors and hints of the woods. I then read up on each one and found out that Winter Light was indeed an outdoorsy scent inspired by nature. Kith and Kin will be a great one for Christmas day as it has hints of orange zest and holiday spices. And Woven Hearts is perfect for cosy nights in with a sweet smell of blossom and honeysuckle. Each of the fragrances lasts on average 1440 hours so they are great value and I was particularly drawn to the fact that it is 100% pure fragrance and has no nasties in it making it safe for my little ladies. It is not only child friendly but is pet friendly too. The Hygge Holiday Collection is a limited edition set so you have to be quick if you want to get your hands on this.

Once the holidays are over, I am excited to try Aera’s other fragrances such as “White Tea” which infuses white tea, jasmine and wild rose, it sounds incredible!

If you are looking for a Hygge related gift this Christmas and also something a little different, you should try the SMART Aera diffuser and use the code HYGGEFORHOME20 for 20% off throughout December until the 16th!

***This blog post was part of a paid partnership with Aera.




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