About Me 

Hello! My name is Reena, I am a stay at home Mama to three little ladies all under the age of 6 and also run a successful Instagram account dedicated to all things hygge (cosy) especially interiors and the journey of making our house “our” home. I was going to say “making a house a home,” but anyone can do that. This is about going beyond that idea and having a home that is really personal to our family and the things we love and are inspired by.

I have recently set up this blog following a year and a bit of procrastination and spending too much time on Instagram. I have always wanted to blog but it was only after having my third (and final!!) little lady that I gave up my PR job and craved a creative outlet.

We live in Cardiff in a terraced victorian house which has wonky walls and creaky floorboards but I love “the imperfect,” and the word perfect will never feature in this blog (well apart from just now) because I am not striving for a perfect home and don’t believe you should either. It’s really hard work trying to renovate, decorate and add finishing touches to your house when you have a young family but I want to show you it can be done and share the good and challenging (or really I mean bad!) times along the way.

So why Hygge, you may be thinking? When I gave up my job to be at home with the little ladies I found myself living pretty much 24/7 in these four walls so it became more important than ever to make my surroundings comfortable and relaxed. My sister had just returned from Denmark to me moaning about needing to make the house feel more cosy and warm and she told me that what I was describing to her was the way the Danes lived and the importance they place on their surroundings. Around a month, after I had launched Hygge for Home on Instagram,  the concept of Hygge appeared in the mainstream media and now many more people are seeking to create the same feeling of warmth and contentment in their homes.  I am hoping I can inspire you to create hygge spaces in your homes.

I have a passion for modern rustic interiors and mixing it up with industrial and boho styles so if these kinds of interiors are up your street then please do stick around.

I am also an Instagram Lifestyle Influencer with over 108,000 followers: @hygge_for_home I post to Instagram daily and talk about my day to day life with the little ladies and share progress on the house, tips and also create content for lots of different brands whether it’s for the home, family life or travel related.

Thank you for reading.

If you would like to talk email me at [email protected]